Clitheroe Clarion Cycling Club: 1923-2018


The membership book for the years 1923 to 1969 still exists and in 1923 there were 16 members each paying an annual subscription of 2 shillings and 6 pence. The members comprised ten men and six ladies.

Membership varied from 10 to 20 during the 1920s and 1930s.
Tom Scott who was a timekeeper before and after the War is first listed in 1934 and Brian Braithwaite who was both a National and Local Clarion official is first shown in 1939.

Actual membership during 1939 to 1945 was reduced but the members who stayed in Clitheroe did much to keep those serving abroad up to date with the limited wartime activities.

Marion Bennett (now Marion Varey) joined in 1946 and Brian Nightingale first appears in 1947 and Tom Hoyle (who died in 2017) in 1949.

During the 1950s membership rose to 50 and above, this may be the highest number of members at any one time.

Of past and present members still alive Dennis Thornber joined in 1950 and Mabel Nightingale (later Mabel Thornber) in 1951 Alistair Patten also joined in 1951 as did Elizabeth Hoyle (Tom’s sister), Ken Varey and George Hargreaves.

In 1952 Alan Ramsbottom (who went on to finish 16th in the Tour De France, 1963) joined and Norma Taylor in 1954.

Irene McGregor joined in 1955 and in 1956 she was joined by Joan Bennett and Gillian Exelby.
This membership book ends with the records for 1968 and 1969.

Norma Taylor and Mabel Nightingale approaching the finish of the 1955, 100 mile reliability ride.

Other records include:

Minute book for the years 1951 to 1962 (In this book it is recorded that the minute book for earlier years had been stolen and so there is no record of these meetings).

Minute book for the years 1962 to 1994 including membership lists for 1979 to 1988.

Following the post war boom years of the 1950s there was a resurgence of membership in the 1980s and 1990s when new members included Nick Tanner and John Thornber together with Richard Gate, Robert Meadows and Johnny Hargreaves.

Other new members were Ryan Howarth and Susan Bamber (now Howarth, who was secretary for many years), Kevin Hulbert (who was on the National Committee), Stewart Clarke and John Broughton.

During these years as well as local activities and regular listed club runs the section attended the Easter Meet regularly (twice winning Clubman of the Year award) and with Brian Nightingale serving as National chairman.

At the AGM of January 1993 only seven members were present, at January 1994 this had reduced to five and no further formal minutes are recorded. Edward Ireland took over the running of the Club from 1994 with Martin Catlow taking over from him.

For the remainder of the 1990’s and 2000’s the club was run in the background and active members rode as North Lancs Clarion C&AC.

In February 2017, former club secretary Nick Tanner took his old role up with long standing member Edward Ireland along with former members Ryan & Susan Howarth formed a new commitee and decided to reboot the club along with some new members. Former member John Broughton became treasurer and long standing member Robin Hatherall agreed to the role of Chairman and later Clitheroe Clarion stalwart Brian Nightingale agreed to become Honourary President.

In 2019 Robin Hatherall stepped down as Chairman with Edward Ireland stepping up to replace him.

As of 2020 the club has over 25 members and is seeing something of a resurgence again with new members joining regularly.

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