Join Clitheroe Clarion Cycling Club

Membership to Clitheroe Clarion costs just £15 for adults, £8 for under 18’s, £10 for social members, £30 for families (2 x adults and children living at the same address, and £7 for those already a member of another Clarion section. Please click the button below to join us or renew your membership*

*Please note that membership only runs till the end of the year (31st December). Anyone who renews after the 1st of September will receive membership until the end of the following year.

Here are some of the benefits of joining Clitheroe Clarion:

  •  Free 3rd Party Clarion Cover insurance
  • Social rides every weekend, includes a refreshments and lunch stop. (45-70 miles at an average of 11-13mph on varied routes stated on runs list, please remember to bring money if having food and drinks at a cafe) 
  • Access to buy club jerseys
  • Cycling Time Trials (CTT) affiliation and the ability to race in local TT’s under the Clitheroe Clarion name
  • British Cycling Affiliation and the ability to group race under the Clitheroe Clarion name
  • Meet, ride & socialise with like-minded people in the Ribble Valley and the surrounding area
  • Improve your cycling & enjoy your cycling more in a group environment, widen your cycling horizons
  • 15% off Lusso cycling clothing and products
  • 15% discount  Cotswold Outdoors
  • 15% discount Snow & Rock
  • 15% discount Runners Need
  • 10% discount Cycle Surgery

By joining Clitheroe Clarion you automatically become a member of the National Clarion which gives you entitlement to even more benefits:

  • Ability to ride with over 30 different Clarion sections across the UK and Europe
  •  Invitation to our Annual Easter and Autumn meets
  • Race for your section in a season long points competition
  • Access to buy National Clarion Cycling Kit

Clarion Cover Third Party Insurance

From 2018, Clarion Cover 3rd party insurance is being included as part of the National Clarion Cycling Club membership package!
All paid up National Clarion Cycling Club members are automatically covered by Clarion Cover Third-Party Insurance.

Why is Third Party Insurance important for Cyclists?

As it says on the BBC Website says Although third-party insurance is not compulsory for cycling, there is a risk – albeit a small one – of causing damage to an expensive vehicle while you are on your bike. Replacing even a wing mirror on a £50,000 Mercedes is an exp.ensive prospect. From 2018 Clarion Cover Third Party insurance is available for Free all National Clarion members.

Why you should have 3rd party insurance:

  • Protect against someone suing you, if you caused an accident
  • Saves you paying out the cost of damages you caused in a lapse of concentration
  • One less thing to worry about

What is and what isn’t 3rd party insurance:

  • It is insurance to cover your costs if someone wants to claim against you
  • It protects you against claims you might cause in an accident
  • It isn’t personal injury insurance (that normally costs £100s)
  • It is peace of mind

What am I covered for?

  • Club runs
  • General riding
  • Commuting to and from and between work
  • Sportives, reliability rides, Time Trials (but not bunched races)

How good is the Clarion Cover Third Party Insurance cover?

  • Underwritten by Royal Sun Alliance
  • Maximum cover £5 million per incident
  • Anywhere in the world except USA & Canada
  • Covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

What’s the worst that can happen?

  • Someone asks you to pay for the costs of damaging a car, or:
  • Another bike, or a personal injury to them
  • And you have to pay out of your own bank account
  • Accidents happen, don’t let it cost you the earth


Accident Assistance and Legal support

The majority of cycling accidents that occur involve members who sustain personal injury (damage to themselves, their bicycle or other property) through no fault of their own. In most cases, incidents arise through the negligence of the driver of a motor vehicle, a small number involve defects to the public highway and in occasional cases accidents are caused by other cyclists. In these circumstances, a 3rd party is at fault.

The National Clarion is delighted to announce that it has entered in to a partnership with Smooth Law Ltd who will provide our members with free Legal Assistance to pursue such personal injury claims against at fault parties. This added benefit comes at no additional cost to the annual membership subscription.

In the event that a claim is successful, Smooth Law Ltd, like other legal practices will take a success fee which for members and families is reduced from the standard 25% to 15%. That said, in circumstances where they recover all their fees or for monies they receive which are to replace or repair a members bicycle, a success fee will not be taken.

Smooth Law Ltd is a specialist, personal injury solicitor. They will use their experience to assess claims and where they think good grounds exist will undertake the claim for compensation on our members’ behalf on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. In addition, they have kindly agreed to extend this offer to our members’ families.

Smooth Law will provide Help / Support Line through their dedicated National Clarion Freephone number 0800 470 1174. This will operate on weekdays, 9.00 am – 8.00pm (except on public holidays)